Two Excellent GDC 2015 Talks by Cipher Prime


Seems like GDC 2015 talks are finally coming out for your viewing pleasure! I figured since we recently pushed out all our GDC podcast shows featuring developer interviews that I would now highlight some of the excellent talks appearing on the GDC Vault.

The first two talks I watched were from the guys behind, one of my favorite studios, Cipher Prime. Boys from Philly always have something great to say and are an inspiration to me for their creative prowess and breadth of work they make and enjoy. I had the pleasure of talking to Dain Saint and Will Stallwood about Cipher Prime and their history on the podcast.

The Univers

The conversation we had revolved around finding inspiration outside of games and what that means to them. Dain’s GDC talk extends that conversation in his talk titled: “Universe: How To Break The Game.” It’s a beautifully presented talk about how we would talk about the universe if it were just another product. One part poking fun at how we look at products and problems and one part appreciating the immense universe we live in and where we find ourselves inside that infinite sea of stars. Watch it if not inspiration but for the jokes and the love of Cosmos and science!


Will was on the Failure Workshop to discuss what he described as his love life with a guy, a girl, and another guy. This should be read as himself, the game Intake and the other game Auditorium. While Will’s talk is not as ‘fun’ as Dain’s it deals directly with a topic we discuss a lot here on the show and with developers every day: dealing with and learning from failure. Will was also joined by other notable designers like Ben Esposito and Adam Saltsman, The whole panel was hosted by Steve Swink and each of the stories given by the three panelists help discuss the nature of failing in work. The key frame that stuck out for me from Will’s portion was the card that read “Dedication, not motivation” which is a difficult proposal but I think it also falls into that other favorite saying of mine, “Starting things is easy, finishing things is work.”  Between these two token phrases is what helps take someone who dabbles to someone who produces.

For now enjoy the talks and be sure to follow both Will and Dain on twitter to see all the awesome things they are working on over at Cipher Prime and beyond. Be sure to also go back and listen to Ep. 175 for even more awesome bits..