Game Club | Dead Space – Part 2

Never quit stomping


The guys conclude their play through of the original Dead Space. Landon wises up to upgrades, John is bemused by the silly parts, and Russ may have been indoctrinated by Unitology to buy Dead Space 3. We also learn the importance of shooting glowy-parts, the engineering marvels of singularity drives, and how you should witness dramatic scenes through a pane of glass.


We would love to encourage everyone to join us for the next installment of our multi-part Game Club. Dead Space 2 is an incredible game and regardless if you have or have not played it go grab a copy and participate with us! We would love to hear your thoughts on each chunk of the game as we do our playthrough.

For our next episode of Spoiled Sushi: Game Club we will be playing up to and through Chapter 3 of Dead Space 2. It takes roughly 2 hours to complete, and I know for a fact that John has a couch co-pilot named Randy that will be sitting in on the next recording.

Until next time.



  • Randy

    Russ. I need this on a t-shirt. Go. Make happen, Please.

  • Russ

    Merchandising you say? DOLLAR SIGNS YOU SAY?