Gone Home

Gone Home

Steve Gaynor returns as promised and joins John and Landon for a very special Spoiled Sushi. We adore Gone Home for its excellent executions on all things: mechanics, writing, and voice acting.


Man of Steel

Zac Snyder is at the helm directing a reboot for modern audiences of the most iconic superhero ever. Landon asks his friend Daniel to join him for an unabashed and detailed discussion on the huge summer blockbuster: Man of Steel.


BioShock Infinite

The BigSushi crew debates the merits and faults of Irrational Games BioShock Infinite. John, Landon, and Russ hold nothing back as they give their thoughts on this massive game. Listen to see if BioShock Infinite got it’s skyhooks into us.


Telltale's The Walking Dead

TellTale’s The Walking Dead Episode 5 was released back in November. Listeners to the show know that both John and Landon love this game. So to help push everyone a little harder to pick up and play this game of the year contender they sat down and discussed what makes it so great. The first half of the show is spoiler free, but be warned, they really loved this game!



John and Landon record from the future! They share their thoughts on the new Rian Johnson film Looper starring our favorites JGL and B-Dubs. There is no time in the future for long names. They also discuss some of their favorite futuristic items such as: future drugs, future guns, and finally future cars. But be warned, for this is Spoiled Sushi Episode 2!


The Dark Knight Rises

A new show that we have been planning since the beginning of the website! Spoiled Sushi will allow us to take a more in depth and intimate look at some of the things we don’t want to spoil on the main show. Expect one of these each month! To kick it off Landon and Nate talk to us about Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises.