The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings

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Chapter 3 / Sat, May 9th, 2015
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The first two episodes of Game Club for the Witcher 2 with special guest Liam Raum (Tales of Game’s Studio) are out! Please join along with us as we play through the Prologue and Chapter 1 and then hit us up with your thoughts, questions, and considerations from the Witcher 2!

Just a heads up! The Witcher 2 will be the first time we're putting our content behind a Members-only section. All prior Game Club's will remain available to the public, but going forward we're asking for your support on Patreon. We're using Game Club as a special reward for all you amazing people! We want you to know that any and all donations support everything we do, but this is our gift for your gift.


The Witcher 2: Part 3

Our final Game Club episode for The Witcher 2! Landon, John and Liam Raum of Tales of Games sit down to discuss the finale. What happens to Triss? Can we save Saskia? Will Letho finally be caught? We discuss it all including some of our favorite moments from Chapter 3 and the Epilogue.


The Witcher 2: Part 2

John, Landon, Russ and special guest Liam Raum ploughed through Chapter 2 of The Witcher 2 and recorded their thoughts on all the awesome and ridiculous missions with Geralt of Rivia.


Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 - 4

Game Club | Dead Space 3 – Part 4

Isaac Clark signs out after his last hurrah! What is the Codex/Rosetta and what does it tell us? Will we find the source of the necromorph plague? If we collectively will the Ishimura back will we get to see it one last time? Find out in this final episode of Dead Space Game Club as John, Landon and Russ discuss the end of this crazy journey that is the Dead Space Franchise.

Dead Space 3 Part 1

Game Club Video: Dead Space 3 – Part 1

Hey Clubbers! It’s been quite a while since the last episode of the Dead Space Game Club. I blame Ellie. In any case, to catch you guys up to speed on where we are in the dead space 3 playthrough, Landon and I decided to sit down and recap the first 4 chapters. Watch as we tear through, and tear into the beginning of the end of our Dead Space Game Club Trilogy!

Dead Space 3

Game Club | Dead Space 3 – Part 1

Nathan joins John, Landon and Russ to discuss Dead Space the Third. What happened to Isaac after the events of Dead Space 2? Is Ellie still a badass? Will Carver ask us to ask him about his facial scar? Find all of that out and more as we recap the Prologue and Chapters 1 through 4 on this episode of Spoiled Sushi: Game Club!

Dead Space 2

Dead space 2 part 5-01 (1)

Game Club | Dead Space 2 – Part 5

Here it is: the exciting conclusion to Dead Space 2. We thought the Isaac had it rough before, but things really get crazy! What happens to Ellie? Will Tideman punk out? What’s the deal with eyeballs in this series?!

Dead space 2 part 4-01

Game Club | Dead Space 2 – Part 4

Stick around. Isaac is full of bad ideas as we progress through Chapters 10-12 of Dead Space 2. We go into the last place we ever want to go, face our demons, surf on top of a drilling machine, and learn another use for screwdrivers.

Dead Space 2 - Part 3

Game Club | Dead Space 2 – Part 3

John, Landon, and Russ cover the chapters 7 through 9 of the second Dead Space. We have finally crossed the halfway point and are on the downward spiral! Will Ellie survive? Will Strauss finally tell us the steps? Can Isaac get his groove back!?

Dead Space 2 - Part 2

Game Club | Dead Space 2 – Part 2

What happened to Isaac after he entered the Unitology Church? Did Dana hand Isaac the cure? How many necromorphs does it take to put on a elementary school play? Find out all these questions and more on this installment of Game Club.


Dead Space 2 - Part 1

Game Club | Dead Space 2 – Part 1

We begin the second installment of the Dead Space franchise! On this episode we discuss the first three chapters of the game. John and his couch co-pilot Randy, Landon, and Russ squeal on how wonderfully terrifying Dead Space 2 is over its predecessor.

Dead Space

Dead Space Part 2

Game Club | Dead Space – Part 2

The guys conclude their play through of the original Dead Space. Landon wises up to upgrades, John is bemused by the silly parts, and Russ may have been indoctrinated by Unitology to buy Dead Space 3. We also learn the importance of shooting glowy-parts, the engineering marvels of singularity drives, and how you should witness dramatic scenes through a pane of glass.


Dead Space - Part 1

Game Club | Dead Space – Part 1

With all the lights turned off, Landon, Russ, and John recount their misadventures and the ominous USG ISHIMURA. On this first part of our multipart series we cover the opening 5 chapters of Dead Space. Landon, as it turns out, doesn’t know how to play this game properly.