MoonHunters X Gnog

PAX Prime 2015 – Tanya Short & Nick Rudzicz

Two of my favorite people to bump into at conventions sit down for smoothies with me. Nick Rudzicz is the programmer working on KO-OP Mode’s Gnog and Tanya Short lead of Kitfox Games working on MoonHunters. Its a nice roaming conversation about showing your game and finding the soul of your game.

Party Hard Header

PAX Prime 2015 – Alex Nichiporchik – Tiny Build

TinyBuild always has a presence at PAX, and this year at PAX Prime co-founder Alex Nichiporchik takes a minute to show me some of the latest and greatest coming from the european studio/publisher. We talk about Party Hard, what Tiny Build has been up to, and the development scene in eastern Europe.


PAX Prime 2015 – Carter McBee – Gigantic

It’s been a year since I last had an appointment to check out the competitive action game Gigantic by Motiga. So this time after doing a nice demo with fellow press at PAX Prime, I sat down with gameplay designer Carter McBee to see how the game is shaping up in a world where MOBA’s like DOTA and LoL dominate.


PAX Prime 2015 – Gabe Telepak – Butt Sniffin Pugs

Perhaps you’ve seen or heard about a game where you roll a giant tennis ball around like a track ball and you sniff a dogs butt. Butt Sniffin Pugs is the name of that game and Gabe Telepak is the creator and team lead on the game. I bumped into him at PAX Prime 2015, played the game and did a short interview to get some history on his fascination with butts and pugs.

Banner Saga 2

PAX Prime 2015 – John Watson – Banner Saga 2

I bump into John Watson of Stoic Studios to play the demo of Banner Saga 2. After finishing the demo I bend John’s ear to see how things have been going since the release of the first game. We discuss the plans for Banner Saga 2, the reception of the first game, and the announcement of the a forthcoming board game! Spoiler Warning, if you have not completed the first game, think twice before listening to this interview!

Bit Bash 2015

Bit Bash 2015 – Tom Eastman & Ryan Wiemeyer

Bit Bash returns for it’s second year and Tom Eastman and Ryan Wiemeyer return to the podcast to share all the details. Bit Bash is a video game festival that celebrates gaming in ways that larger events like PAX cannot. This year’s Bit Bash is happening August 22nd in Chicago, IL.


PAX East 2015 – Saleem, Sam and Nick – GNOG

For the Finale of our PAX East 2015 coverage I end with a conversation with Saleem Dabbous, Sam Boucher and Nick Rudzicz to talk about KOOP Mode but specifically GNOG. This is my third time seeing it and my second time seeing it after its major visual redirection and we chat about why the change and what it will take to get the whale gnoggin to get wrapped up in nori.