#218 offworld-header-2

Episode 218 – Soren Johnson

Offworld Trading Company is the first and only economic real-time strategy game. Soren Johnson created Mohawk Studios to make this one of a kind RTS after a long tenure at Firaxis games where he worked on the civilization series, most notably as the lead designer on Civilization 4. So when we sat down to talk, our conversation revolved mostly around the differences in his work from Firaxis and Mohawk, but also on the type of multiplayer experience he wanted to create and how a pure free-market model seemed like a fun and interesting engine to express it.

#217 tumbleseed_promo_forest

Episode 217 – Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend & Joel Corelitz

Last Spring, while I was in Chicago preparing for Train Jam, I had the chance to sit down with Benedict Fritz, Greg Wohlwend and Joel Corelitz at the Cards Against Humanity office to discuss their game, Tumbleseed. All three are creators whom I respect and the conversation we had on their process with Tumbleseed was fascinating. Want to learn about ossified design? Press play.

#216 duskers-header

Episode 216 – Tim Keenan

Tim Keenan is an indie developer. His studio is called Misfits Attic and his first major title as an indie developer was a game called A Virus Named Tom. His most recent release is the drone operator rogue-like Duskers. Dusker is fantastic, its a game that features a command line prompt and the loneliness of space. I’m a sucker for command prompts and all things space related so for me Duskers was a perfect match.

#215 Necrodancer

Episode 215 – Ryan Clark

Ryan Clark was in San Francisco to show Crypt of the Necrodancer at PSX last December. Across the way I was setting up my booth and as we sat waiting to go get some dinner, I pulled out the recorder and we caught up on how things have been for Necrodancer since it’s exit of Early Access and its tour around the world.

#214 BigSushi.fm

Episode 214 – Michael Molinari / Will O’Neill

After a long break I am back and ready to start pushing out podcasts yet again! To start things off, and to clear out the stacks of material waiting to get released, here is a double feature. First up is Michael Molinari who sat down with me after grabbing some froyo in LA during the Indiecade 2015 night games. Will O’Neill returns to the show to feed my compulsion to talk about HBO’s The Wire and how it makes me wish for better world building in video games.

#213 Overland

Episode 213 – Adam Saltsman – Overland

Adam Saltsman is the designer behind the game Canabalt. It’s an endless runner that is a game distilled down to its fundamentals. It’s a great game in execution and realization. Since then, Adam has moved on to other projects and establishing his own studio Finji Co. Adam is one of those people who’ve been in the industry long enough that I got nervous when I first met him. But after a quick hand shake and a few late nights,  I asked him to come on the podcast during IndieCade 2015 and this is our conversation after eating a few In-and-Out burgers.

#212 Nuclear Throne Header

Episode 212 – Jan Willem Nijman & Kitty Calis

Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis sit down with me for a fast and loose podcast during the final day of PSX. We talk about the release of Nuclear Throne out of Early Access into the wild world. We also jam on the collaborative work they have been doing together on the game Hoky.

#211 RisingThunder

Episode 211 – Seth Killian

Seth Killian is the business of fighting. He’s been a fighting game player for most of his life, and through his own efforts was given an opportunity he couldn’t refuse, he worked on Street Fighter 4 and contributed to the fighting game scene in numerous ways, including helping start a little convention called EVO. I had the chance to chat with him at IndieCade 2015, and now you get to listen to that conversation.

#210 SSMP Header

Episode 210 – Jon Remedios – SSMP

Some people call Jon Remedios a narcissist. I call him an excellent podcast guest. Jon sat down with me in the back parking lot behind Glitch City in Los Angeles. On the Eve of IndieCade we discuss the current state of Shoot Shoot Mega Pack (SSMP) and what work is left to be done before it can be released.

#209 ManifoldGarden Header

Episode 209 – William Chyr – Manifold Garden

A metamorphosis has occurred. Relativity becomes Manifold Garden and it’s creator goes from Willy to the more refined William. During his short stay in San Francisco, William met up with me for coffee and conversation. We discuss the name change, the state of the project, and what plans lay ahead.

#208 Jake Sones

Episode 208 – Jake Sones – Zombie Match Defense

Back in August Jake Sones was in town so we decided to meet up and record a podcast. So sitting in a kitschy hotel, we talk about his history as a game designer, his past work, and his future as a full time indie. Oh, and we talk about his match three, zombie defense game that is way better than it actually sounds.

MoonHunters X Gnog

PAX Prime 2015 – Tanya Short & Nick Rudzicz

Two of my favorite people to bump into at conventions sit down for smoothies with me. Nick Rudzicz is the programmer working on KO-OP Mode’s Gnog and Tanya Short lead of Kitfox Games working on MoonHunters. Its a nice roaming conversation about showing your game and finding the soul of your game.