PAX Prime 2013 Golden Sushi’s


PAX Prime is over and as we all collectively find our ways home we wanted to let everyone know about the stand out games we saw. We selected 12 games to honor with the newly minted Golden Sushi of Sophistication.



Abbey Games

These Dutch developers had us at “Hallo!” Many of you have most likely already heard of, played, or read about Reus. That’s how it should be! Reus nails everything that we love about god games, and fixes many of the issues that tend to crop up. You can hear all about it in the conversation we had. It bears worth mentioning that they are all excellent dancers.

Our interview: Episode 96 | Abbey Games




We have gushed so many times about Tengami that it was only fitting to hand them an award this time. In all actuality it was because games like this we saw at East that we felt compelled to craft the Golden Sushi to be ready for Prime. This seems like the last chance for many to see Tengami before its final release, but don’t worry! It will be out on iPad and WiiU soon enough.

Our interview: Episode 67 | Nyamyam


The Stanley Parable

Galactic Café

I have been following The Stanley Parable since it was originally a mod. I was incredibly excited to hear that it was becoming a full title, and doubly so when I found out that it would be showing at PAX. Every attendee got something more than they expected: a carefully crafted demo SPECIFICALLY for PAX Prime. It also helps that the game creator Davey is just an all-around awesome dude.


Legend of Dungeon

Legend of Dungeon

Robot Loves Kitty

Holy shit guys, so story time. We showed up to Seattle early to help out with the Megabooth. I had to go and drive the U-Haul around to get the peripherals for the show, where was Landon while I was running around moving boxes? He was playing Legend of Dungeon. We love these devs and we love their game. It was literally a no-brainer.
* Correction, I kept going over to play Legend of Dungeon every chance I had – LD

Our Interview: Episode 60 | Robot Loves Kitty


Crypt of the NecroDancer

Brace Yourself Games

When we first heard the concept we were intrigued. When we saw the DDR pad at PAX Prime we were smitten. When we finally played it we were infatuated. There have been many dungeon crawlers, but this is truly something special. The concept is matched by the incredible soundtrack penned by none other than Danny B himself. How could something so awesome not get a Golden Sushi?




D-pad Studios

It finally happened, we and so many others got our hands on Owlboy. It exists and it is awesome. D-Pad had a great showing at PAX with Owlboy and we can’t talk about D-Pad without mentioning how awesome Savant Ascent is as well. Now that we think about it, they both deserve an award!



Secret Ponchos

Switchblade Monkeys

We love this game. We love the music, the art direction, character design, and the sensibility that this is a fighting game like no other. The game keeps getting more polished and in between rounds, after high fives, the team talks about ways to continue improving the game or balancing the characters. We have so much fun with Secret Ponchos we kept wandering by to see if we could hop on to play. The team is awesome, the game is awesome and we’re looking forward to it’s eventual release.

Our interview: Episode 73 | Switchblade Monkeys



Die Gute Fabrik

Sportsfriends kept bringing crowds to their booth to play Pole Riders, Hokra, or Baribari Ball. And then while people were cheering you’d hear others talk about how awesome Johann Sebastian Joust is as well. Sportsfriends captures what it should be to play games with your friends and the studio Die Gute Fabrik is building a catalog of really incredible games.



Rogue Legacy

Cellar Door Games

Rather than shaking Teddy and Kenny to get them to see how awesome Rogue Legacy is we gave them a Golden Sushi. Maybe the bright glow of the award will get them to see the light. It has been one of our favorite games for a while and we’re glad they were in the PAX 10.

Our interview: Episode 79 | Cellar Door Games




We admit to seeing a trend with music genre mash-ups, but Beatbuddy from THREAKS stands out. The entire time we were at their booth talking with Wolf, Denis, and Steve about the game Landon was tapping his foot to the music. They’re awesome guys and Beatbuddy is fantastic.



That Dragon, Cancer

Ryan Green, Josh Larson

How many game demos can literally cause goosebumps and numerous people to walk away crying? Games can be more than fun, they can evoke the same emotions we’ve experienced in music, books, and movies. What the team behind That Dragon, Cancer is doing is pushing the medium of games in a new and exciting way. It’s also possible to spend a lot of time with Ryan talking about Terrence Malick films.



Samurai Gunn

Beau Blyth

Samurai Gunn is the newest game from the young and talented Beau Blyth. It pits players against each other in very fast-paced arcade action. You have a sword and three bullets and the matches actually play out like a samurai film. It allows players to evoke their own version of Jin or Mugen from Samurai Champloo. Samurai Gunn always had a very energetic and engaged crowd.


  • Randy BlueLantern Harris

    All awesome choices! That Dragon, cancer and samurai gunn has my heart!

  • t3amBrian

    Great choices! All deserving of a golden sushi award.

    The art for owlboy looks like something from a late to mid 90’s JRPG. Absolutely gorgeous.

    I played Hokra at Indiecade East about a year ago. I don’t know why but the game is some of the most fun I have ever had playing a sports title.

    Samurai Gun is going to be the next towerfall. Let’s hope those two studios do a cross over 🙂