Oy! Prepare Yourselves for Game Club: The Witcher 2 Edition


UPDATE: We will be recording our first episode of Game Club for the Witcher 2 on Saturday, March 28th with special guests Chloi Rad (Staff Writer at IGN) and Liam Raum (Tales of Game’s Studio). Please join along with us as we play through the Prologue and Chapter 1 and then hit us up with your thoughts, questions, and considerations from the Witcher 2!

It’s been far too long time since we’ve done Game Club, our “Book Club type” podcast series focused on a single game. The good news we’re getting back into it with a multi-part series of shows focused on The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings. This time around things will be a bit different.

BigSushi.fm is in it’s third-year of recording. Our little baby is growing up. In that time we’ve recorded hundreds of hours of audio in the form of our primary show where we interview game developers, Digestive Tract where we shoot the shit about current events, and a bunch of other bonus shows, Spoiled Sushi, and one of our favorites: Game Club.

When we first started Game Club it was mostly because I had never played Dead Space. It was because John and Russ loved the series so much that they finally convinced me to play and we made a show out of it. Surprisingly, it ended up taking an whole year for us to get through all three games. In that time I’ve come to love Dead Space, but even more so I’m convinced the best way to play games is together with friends with time to discuss our experiences.

I’ve been sitting on The Witcher 2 until the opportunity arose for all of us, including you, to play together. So here’s what we’re planning right now. We’re trying really hard to promote our Patreon and we want to entice more of you wonderful people to show your support for BigSushi.fm by pledging any amount you can. Our reward to you, in addition to the physical merchandise we already have available, is that Game Club will become an exclusive podcast to Patreon Patrons.

We’re currently gearing up for Game Club and organizing some special guests to join us on our journey of completing The Witcher 2 and all in time for the highly anticipated Witcher 3 being released this Spring. But we want you to get involved with Game Club too. We will let you all know when we’ll record each episode, give everyone a chance to share their thoughts, and include some of the best stories, questions, advice in the show.

Let’s all play a great game together and don’t forget to become a Patron!