Owlchemy's Dyscourse


Owlchemy Lab’s next game is the branching narrative driven Dyscourse. Alex and Devin come back for their second appearance on the show to discuss the plans for Dyscourse. We make allusions to Lost and Gilligan Island, while Alex tells us how he really feels about air travel.

We are suckers for narrative driven games, especially ones that like to deal with the sticky problems of choice driven gameplay. Dyscourse is looking directly at this problem and is looking to generate yet another fantastic entry into the world of emergent story generation through player agency, while maintaining the grayness of real world decision making.  Alex and Devin stressed in the conversation how they don’t want players to see decisions as the right and wrong choice, but just choices with consequences that are not always immediately apparent.

Dyscourse 2What is automatically visible is Owlchemy’s style of delivery. Remember when we had to get a truck loaded full of immigrants across the border for healthcare? Or how about all those stuffed animals getting to the zoo? What about that crazy revenge tale of a Lumberjack seeking vengeance against nature? This time a highly educated barista is crashing onto a deserted island with a flight full of our favorite archetypal (perhaps stereotypical) travelers we often see on a plain. “You know that one guy who has 8 electronic devices, that is constantly being asked to turn off his devices by the attendant?” Alex asked. He will be there.  Even though Alex assured me there will be no polar bears or smoke monsters, he did leave me hope to submit my Locke’s diary fan fiction to be taken under consideration for story arcs. Landon and I couldn’t help but begin thinking about Lost references, but we can all rest assured that Owlchemy will deliver a better ending than Lost. Seriously, the ending of Lost was terrible.

With a recent update to the Kickstarter, the team has announced a special scenario including some of the indie game luminaries. This scenario is set to include BigSushi alums like Phil Tibitoski of Young Horses, Ichiro Lambre of Dejobaan, and Rami Ismail of Vlambeer. Other indie game celebrities like Tim Schafer of Double Fine and Edmund McMillen of Team Meat have also throw their support into the game as well.Dyscourse A1

We can’t wait to get our hands on the game as it moves forward but I think we can all expect something truly special. With ex-Bioware Kenneth Krutsinger helping on the narrative design, a beautifully illustrated world by Carrie Witt, and a 2nd Canadian savant Graeme Borland, Alex and Devin seem on track to create the next top tier emergent narrative game for us to gush over. So listen to our talk and why not head over to their Kickstarter. Perhaps buy a ticket for the upcoming flight.