Maximum Satisfaction: Infinifactory


Several weeks ago Zachtronics Industries released Infinifactory. A spiritual successor to the excellent and challenging SpaceChem taken to the ubiquitous 3D block based world. If SpaceChem’s visual presentation put you off, Infinifactory might be your chance to dive deep into yet another fantastic game by Zachtronics.

We had Zach Barth on the podcast ages ago, we spoke mostly about the last game: Ironclad Tactics. We did spend a small part of the conversation talking about types of puzzle games and his approach to making SpaceChem. It wasn’t until this past holiday that I started diving deep into SpaceChem and began to enjoy the magic contained therein.

SpaceChem and Infinifactory reminds me of the type of logic problems found in math class from high school and college. Except it’s with the kind of teacher who makes learning linear algebra awesome. If you’ve never had a mentor make math exciting for you, I’m sorry. But now you can get a that same sense of solving complex problems by breaking them down into smaller simpler problems then Zachtronic’s games got you covered.

Solving puzzles in Infinifactory is so insanely gratifying. First because they are rather tricky. Second, they end with you watching an assembly line chug away in perfect and premeditated unison. I watched a lot of How It’s Made, if you have as well you know how fascinating and mesmerizing it is to watch the process of industry. Inifnifactory has that same quality, except I did this. It’s maximum satisfaction. Here just watch some of my solutions in all their glory and imagine me standing behind you with the biggest most smug grin on my face.

On top of all of this, there is this wonderful alien abduction story, ripe with performance reviews and depictions of how bad aliens are at interpreting human culture. Head over to Zachtronic’s Infinifactory site to see a trailer and perhaps check out some of the other fine wares.