Ludum Dare 30 – Day 7


We asked for a list of Ludum Dare 30 games to check out and you delivered. Now John is taking an hour each day to play through this stack of awesome games about connected worlds! Day seven includes the games Antbassador, Any Moment, NOODLE FEELING, and Bipolar World.


Antbassador – @KevinZuhn, @luthyr, @ChrisStallman, @devonsoft

This might be a must play from LD30. You play as a finger, which is attached to a hand attached to an arm that descends from the top of the screen. You are impersonating the Antbassador and you are going to visit the Ant Queen to marry the Ant Princess to celebrate peace between the tribes. You must, through awkward controls, do simple tasks like flip switches and flick hats off of ants, It is not too surprising that this came from the devs behind Octodad.


Any Moment – @jakubkoziol

A quiet game where the developer talks to you about how he feels in concern to the connectedness of our current world. It is a very intimate and honest experience with a simple goal: communicate. I felt it was successful in its goal and worth your time to stay awhile and listen. I particular enjoyed that it is framed to allow the user to participate even though they end up talk to a monitor, which I did…. gladly.



Another wonderfully weird game. I am still unsure of what exactly is connected to what, but the experience of noodling around and interacting with the world was engaging and entertaining. It reminded me of a very rough iteration of Hohokum. And I mean that with all sincerity.


Bipolar World – @hav24

An honest platforming using the medium to communicate what it’s like to live with bipolar disorder. I always enjoy games that try to communicate real aspects of life through mechanics. While it is short I felt it did a successful job of expressing the authors intent. Loved the art style and music as well.