Ludum Dare 30 – Day 6


We asked for a list of Ludum Dare 30 games to check out and you delivered. Now John is taking an hour each day to play through this stack of awesome games about connected worlds! Day six includes the games Proxy Plex, You Are Bacteria, Tough Love Machine, Tinyverse



Proxy Plex – @rasmusrn

A minimal resource management/transportation game. It reminded me a little bit of a rougher Mini Metro in presentation. Get the colored dots back to their correct station. While it is a neat concept, when going the minimal route you really need to polish/tweak the few things you do have at your disposal to make it feel good. I think this game has potential if it were to continue development.


You Are Bacteria

You Are Bacteria – @w84death

So this is really two games in one. You have little cells of bacteria. Inside those little cells is another game which is based on a game called Conway’s Game of Life. I learned about two games and I thought the whole experience was interesting. I would have liked to see a little tutorialization for those who are unfamiliar with the other Conway’s Game of Life. In that game its about establishing patterns that are either self sustaining or cause certain reactions to occur. Some sort of introduction to that game would have been awesome, instead I had to go to a wikipedia page.


Tough Love

Tough Love Machine – @int_main

A sokoban game where you play two hands trying to touch each heart. The trick is that the hand’s arm persist so you need to find the right way as to get past the obstructions and not obstruct yourself in the process. I really liked this game even though the puzzles are hard. I can’t fault a 48 hour game’s skill curve, but it did leave me wanting so hopefully if I get smarter, or this gets a bit more polish I will go back to it.



Tinyverse – @Xaychru04

So Tinyverse is about creating bonds between planets. You have different materials that have different levels of tension and tautness. The goal is to connect the planets in such a way that they end up in the notched areas. I quite enjoyed this one even though it was quite a literal interpretation of the theme, but who cares if it executes and communicates its mechanics well!?