Ludum Dare 30 – Day 4


We asked for a list of Ludum Dare 30 games to check out and you delivered. Now John is taking an hour each day to play through this stack of awesome games about connected worlds! Day four includes the games Between, Close Your Eyes, Chipset0, Star Fuel.



Between – Majko

In Between you get to live the dream of replacing Comcast and work on building your very own broadband provider. The twist is that you are actually connecting to users on the planet Mars. Watch out for asteroids! This was a nice game to just have running in the background and checking up on from time to time. As far as resource managers are concerned it was pretty interesting.

Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes – @PuttingPixels

This is a simple puzzle game where you need to bounce your ball to the its circle destination while avoiding hazards like triangles. The interesting part here is when you press the spacebar, the screen goes black, except for your moving ball. You need to time your ‘closed eyes’ so that you pass over the obstacle before opening them. See no evil, or something like that.




Chipset-0 – @deepnightfr

An extremely well polished platformer, where you control a little robot whose job it is to make sure humans stay in cryo. Its adorable except for when you see that humans don’t seem to happy to be in cryo. Then it gets a little sadistic.




Star Fuel – @Trurkowski, @riv_roy

This was a rough one. It looks great but the mechanics felt messy. The objective is to pilot around alla Star Fox and remove the chains that tether your planet. The enemies are stationary turrets that swath the sky with lasers. It became frustrating to navigate, and also the enemies were super bullet sponges. All in all I did like the concept but the execution did quite hit on what makes games like Star Fox special.