Joshua McGrath on IndieCade Finalist Cube and Star: A Love Story


I don’t really know what my objective is when I start Cube and Star: A Love Story. An older cube gives me some advice. I wander around the world. I find out that as I explore, interact and collect objects the world around me changes from a dull grayscale to something more vibrant. I still don’t know why I’m doing this, but I can’t stop.

Joshua McGrath of Doppler Interactive made a trance inducing game that feels like a metaphor on life. “Cube and Star: A Love Story is a game about the joy of exploration – the joy of… aimless but mindful wandering.” There are characters in the world that are stubborn and spread no color, others that don’t stray far from their own nest, then there’s you. A single cube wandering the world. Most of the world is gray, but the message seems clear. As you interact with the colorful elements of life and travel around: beauty will spread.

I talked with Joshua about his inspirations and purpose in making the IndieCade Finalist, Cube and Star: A Love Story (audio interview above). If you’re interested, follow Joshua on Twittercheck out the game’s website and try the demo out for yourself.