IndieCircuit Mobilizes Fans of Local Multiplayer Games


I love local multiplayer competitive games. I think most of us do. It’s how we cut our teeth in gaming in the first place right? Even if the game itself wasn’t explicitly built for competition, we still found ways to out-do our friends and siblings. Whether it was getting the faster completion time in Super Metroid or dominating in Golden Eye competition is what got me here.

Co-creator of the Sportsfriends game, Bara Bari Ball, Richard Terrell decided that it wasn’t enough to make a competitive local multiplayer game to reignite our passion for dunking and slamming. He decided to build a website designed to connect players, writers, spectators, event organizers, and competitors who the genre. The website is IndieCurcuit. You can sign up and your pin will show up on the map with, hopefully soon, countless others who want to sit down and play some games.

IndieCircuit is currently centered around 5 notoriously awesome games: Towerfall, Nidhogg, Sportsfriends, Samurai Gunn, and Lethal League. We recently featured our interview with Tim and Dion of Reptile Games discussing how incredible Lethal League is. And awhile back we interviewed JS Joust creator and Sportsfriends ring leader Douglas Wilson alongside Richard’s co-creator Noah Sasso on Episode talking about the long and arduous journey it was to put together the amazing collection of local multiplayer games that is Sportsfriends. We are also huge fans of Beau Blyth’s Samurai Gunn giving it a Golden Sushi Award. And Towerfall is one of the most celebrated games in the genre. I can’t go anywhere anymore without someone asking me to play Towerfall. And Nidhoggs is the inevitable game that pops up on screen when you put more than 2 indie game fans in a room.

So if you are looking to find players in your area why not sign up on the site? I did and I am looking for some nerds to get rekt’d in Lethal League in the Bay Area. Looking for upcoming events? They got you covered as well.