IndieCade 2014 – Willy Chyr


The final bonus show developer interview from IndieCade 2014 featuring Willy Chyr. On the last day of the event I found a nice bench in the shade and sat down with Willy to discuss his trajectory to getting involved in game development. You probably won’t believe all the things he has done, from getting his degree in physics, working as an installation artist, and perfecting his Christopher Walken impersonation.

Relativity is the game that Willy is working on and we have already been blown away by the direction and execution put forth in the early builds of this game. We gave it a Golden Sushi back at PAX East 2014. Seeing him in IndieCade reminded me, that even though I’ve seen him in 4 different cities throughout this past year I had only just met him in February at IndieCade East. We sat down to discuss how crazy it is getting involved in this wonderful scene/industry that is indie games.

While this bonus show runs a little longer (30min) do not fear because once Relativity is finally released we will have Willy back on for the full shebang!