GDC 2015 – Richard and Marcus Terrell


It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got a chance to sit down with Richard and Marcus Terrell. Richard and Marcus are the other key names on BaraBariBall along side with Noah Sasso. BaraBariBall is one-fourth the total package of SportsFriends and at a coffee shop near Moscone Center during GDC 2015, I sat down with them to get a brief history lesson in where they’ve come from and where they are going.

1Zfz0zT9I learned during the recording about Richard and Marcus contributions during the SportsFriends interview with Noah Sasso and Douglas Wilson some time ago. After realizing my own disservice in not doing my due diligence to credit all the wonderful people responsible I made it a goal to meet with Richard and correct my error. BaraBariBall is a stellar game and it has its obvious allusions to Smash Brothers so I wanted to talk to Richard and Marcus, both of whom have been contributing to the Smash Brothers community since its beginning.

In the interview we go over both of their personal history of growing up with games and how they played them. It wasn’t always competitively, even though there was plenty of competition between the two of them, it was more about unlocking a games full potential. For them it was about trying to see what was and wasn’t possible. These attributes carry high value in the realm of development and it was this skill set that they utilized once they teamed up with Noah to help bring BaraBariBall to completion.

Since then however, they have launched a new website dedicated to local multiplayer competitive games Indie Circuit. Richard said he wants it to be a place to players to meet, critique, discuss and play some of the finest competitive games to come out of the indie game space. Titles include Nidhogg, Lethal League, Towerfall, Samurai Gunn, and naturally Sportsfriends. When Indie Circuit launched its website I wrote about how if you are a fan of playing, spectating, or hosting awesome competitive local multiplayer indie games then Indie Circuit is the place for you. One of my favorite things they do on the Indie Circuit blog is the Pick of the Day which feature gems like this Lethal League Grand Final match:

Be sure to follow Richard @KirbyKid Terrell and Marcus @DrHadji Terrell on twitter, as well as @indie_circuit to keep up to date with all the awesome things these guys are up to. You can also read up on some of the essays and thoughts from Richard at his own game critique blog titled Critcal-Gaming.