Game Club Video: Dead Space 3 – Part 1


Hey Clubbers! It’s been quite a while since the last episode of the Dead Space Game Club. I blame Ellie. In any case, to catch you guys up to speed on where we are in the dead space 3 playthrough, Landon and I decided to sit down and recap the first 4 chapters. Watch as we tear through, and tear into the beginning of the end of our Dead Space Game Club Trilogy!

Dead Space 3

Chapters 1-4:

In this new playthrough, Landon and I set the game to the Hard difficulty. With the new changes to the way resources like ammo and health are doled out, we found that the game is FAR too easy on the normal setting. Also, this time around, we are rolling with some heftily upgraded weapons that I constructed during my first Solo playthrough of the game. Although this does break the tension of the game a bit, it really plays better to the game’s strengths which include the very fun weapon crafting system.

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