Game Club | Dead Space 3 – Part 4



Isaac Clark signs out after his last hurrah! What is the Codex/Rosetta and what does it tell us? Will we find the source of the necromorph plague? If we collectively will the Ishimura back will we get to see it one last time? Find out in this final episode of Dead Space Game Club as John, Landon and Russ discuss the end of this crazy journey that is the Dead Space Franchise.

It’s been a long road. Game Club was an idea that we pulled from another popular podcast, RebelFM. We love the idea of taking a game, breaking it down in chunks, playing it, and then inviting our listeners to comment and give us talking points. We didn’t necessarily get that with Dead Space but next time we have a better plan. Also it was great to just test the waters and see what all it would take to produce a show like this.

A great thing about Game Club is it gives us a chance to play games we might have missed. Landon hadn’t played any of the Dead Space games and I personally think Dead Space 1 and 2 are some of the best games of the last console generation. So it was great as a group of friends to play through them and talk in detail about what made it great/bad and appreciate games in a way that many of us do, but few actually record.

All the being said, next Game Club we want you to be our guest on the show as well. We are still throwing around ideas for what game to do next, so please email us with game suggestions! Once we decide we will post a reliable play/recording/release schedule. It will be much easier this way if you want to play along and send us your thoughts. We just want to make sure Game Club is expanding the talking point on the game, we want to know what you liked, disliked, thought was weird, design conversations, you name it, we want to hear it.

We are also going to try and loop in some of our developer friends to get them in on a show if they are savvy with the game we are playing. We think it would be awesome to have musicians/artists/designers weigh in on what they think about a particular game section. Game Club is a great opportunity to expand the conversation we have about games in the same way we do on the main podcast. We just need you!

With all that said, lets wish a fond farewell to Isaac Clark and the Dead Space series. We will miss you buddy, I know things got pretty weird there at the end but we won’t let that ruin our memory of you. <3

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