Game Club | Dead Space 3 – Part 3

Boss fights and gettin' vertical


The 11th installment of our multi-part series in which we discuss the Dead Space games. This time we continue our playthrough of Dead Space 3. John, Landon and Russ complete chapters 9 through 13.

We are back again! This time, and with a shorter gap in between, we reconvene to discuss just whats the deal with this Icy Planet. We find out the true villain and also experience the sickest new video game trend, VERTICALITY!

Be sure to check out Russ and Landon’s play session of these chapters over here.

If you are playing along please email us or leave a comment here and we will discuss your points on the next show! For the next recording we will be playing through the final chapters of the game. We will see Nicole? Will Isaac live? WIll Carver ever find love? We will find the answer to all of these questions and tell you all about it.

Until next time, keep on stompin!