Game Club | Dead Space 3 – Part 1


Nathan joins John, Landon and Russ to discuss Dead Space the Third. What happened to Isaac after the events of Dead Space 2? Is Ellie still a badass? Will Carver ask us to ask him about his facial scar? Find all of that out and more as we recap the Prologue and Chapters 1 through 4 on this episode of Spoiled Sushi: Game Club!

We are starting to have the internal discussion on what game to do next for Spoiled Sushi: Game Club. We would love to hear what you all think! Leave a post here or email us at with you own suggestions!

  • David Romero Palma

    bueno este juegos esta de bien bresona dead space 1 2 3 todos lo en jugadon el que da mas miedon 1 y el 2 puro mantasa el 3 para armas es pije juegos los tres

  • Adrian Christian Cain

    I love this series. Just started playing myself. I hope there is more to come! I’m sharing with all my buds, the cool ones at least.