Dog Sled Saga

Episode № 89

Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel form the darling duo behind the forthcoming game titled: Dog Sled Saga. Dan has long been tangentially connected to the indie game scene in the form of game trailer production, while Lisa is taking her first plunge. The result is a iditarod racing game focusing on team management, dog loving, and reputation building.

Lisa is the artist of the pair and prior to beginning this project she received her degree and was working in art education. This project is her first experience with pixel art and game development. Which is surprising, I felt that the style of pixel art was reminiscent of the later King’s Quest titles, which is to say, awesome.

DogSledSaga_poster2Dan, like the majority of indie developers, has been playing games since childhood. While he didn’t take to making his own games immediately, he did find a way to engage the industry through video production. He has been working with various developers and industry members to help produce some of these fine game trailers. He finally caught the gamedev bug and is now all-in when it comes to being a game developer and Dog Sled Saga he hopes will be successful freshmen effort.

Even though the name is rather self explanatory, Dog Sled Saga offers a wealth of mechanics that cross multiple genres. The concept of making the most of your situation from games like FTL and Spelunky. Perfecting the balance of risk and reward like Recettear. Establishing worthwhile connections with virtual characters like XCOM, adding significant emotional weight when experiencing loss. Dog Sled Saga also has a wonderful one-button gameplay that most associate with endless runners like Canabalt.

Then there is what we spent the most time talking about, the dogs. We shared not only our stories about pet ownership, but also stories of our friends and family. There is a natural bond between humans and dogs and Dan and Lisa really wish to explore not only the heights of those relationships but also to dabble towards the harder side. They did admit though that dealing with death was not something they wished to tackle.

They have already completed the arduous Kickstarter campaign and are wrapping up distributing the physical rewards to their backers. Soon the couple will be full swing in development and hope to have a newer build of the game available to backers later this year.  Keep your eyes peeled for announcements at their blog.