Disco Pixel

Episode № 82

Listening to Trevor Stricker tell the narrative in Jungle Rumble is like a bedtime story from your favorite uncle. In this episode we learned a lot about Boston’s Indie Game Collective, the importance of getting feedback, and Disco Pixel’s upcoming mobile Rhythm / RTS game.

Trevor’s background runs the gamut from Panzer Dragoon to NBA licensed games. He recounts that his biggest mistake is not making mobile games sooner. But he’s making up for lost time and creating a genre-bending rhythm game that seems perfect for the mobile platform.

Jungle Rumble is described as Patapon meets Advanced Wars where you lead a monkey army in pursuit of freedom, happiness, and bananas. You must strategically move your tribe away from invading monkeys in rhythm to the music, build your mojo meter, and throw coconuts.

Trevor left San Francisco five years ago to move to Boston where he found a much closer knit indie game community. He is one of many developers working within Boston’s Indie Game Collective, which became a large part of our discussion.

We all want each other to succeed. We are a community. We are in this together.

monkeyAs the indie development community grows, more regional groups are coming together. Like the IGC, these groups gravitate towards co-working spaces, build a support network and ultimately become a larger force within the industry. We’re seeing a trend of a more inclusive industry with the foresight that everyone can learn and benefit from each other.

Trevor mentioned that a large benefit working in the Intrepid Labs co-working space is the ability to get feedback on your work. It’s easy as a game developer to have your head down in the nitty gritty and by taking a step back and showing your work to others potential issues can be solved much sooner.

There is a reason that the word ‘community’ often comes after ‘indie games’ and what we love the most about talking with the developers. Ideas are shared, cross-pollination occurs, and the fingerprint of the craftsman is more visible. For example, Luigi Guatieri who did the artwork on Girls Like Robots, is responsible for the illustrations in Jungle Rumble.

Trevor was a delight to talk to about everything from running, drinking tea, coming up with crazy rhythm game ideas, and bedazzling.

Jungle Rumble will be available in the iOS and Android marketplaces in October. Keep up to date on the game and sign-up for the newsletter on the Jungle Rumble website. Then Like Disco Pixel on Facebook.