Ragtag Studio

Episode № 66

Ray’s the Dead literally oozed with charm when we saw it at the PAX East Indie Megabooth. We got a chance to talk with the creative minds behind Ray and delved into topics like deep dish pizza, the industry as a whole, their inspirations, and learned who they are. Ragtag Studio epitomize what they’re making in their games: fun, creative, and loaded with personality.


We talked with Chris Cobb, Matt Carter, and Shawn Halwes who represent the collective behind Ragtag Studio. As former developers at companies like Activision, Wideload Games and Ensemble Studios the guys told us about the great experiences they had at those studios. However, they all had the desire to explore their own ideas and benefit from the freedom in creating their own games. All three were at a point in their career where it made sense to make the leap to independent game development. Since their start in 2010, the team has worked on two iOS titles, Puppy Panic and Unstoppable Fist and now, Ray’s the Dead.

We want to make the kind of games that inspired us to become game developers.

In their current project, Ray’s the Dead, you take on the role of Raymond La Morte who has recently discovered he’s a zombie. Uniquely he has the ability to control other zombies through the use of a giant lightbulb protruding from his head. Grow your zombie army, convert humans, and experience flashbacks as to what Ray’s life was like before zombiehood and what led to his demise.

Ragtag Studio recently launched a Kickstarter for Ray’s the Dead and placed the game on Greenlight for your Vote. We’re excited to see how the game progresses, but they could certainly use your support. Share some encouraging words with them on Twitter @TheRagtagStudio and then become a Backer.

  • One of my favorite games from PAX East. I love that the cop looks like Andy from Twin Peaks.