Jan Willem Nijman & Kitty Calis

Episode № 212
hosts John Lindvay /

Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis sit down with me for a fast and loose podcast during the final day of PSX. We talk about the release of Nuclear Throne out of Early Access into the wild world. We also jam on the collaborative work they have been doing together on the game Hoky.

I’ve been contractually obligated to say that Nuclear Throne is out of Early Access and for sale as a full release. You can get it on Steam or on PSN! We’ve talked to JW before about Nuclear Throne and while we do spend some time talking about the game on this podcast as well, I feel compelled to urge you to play it a bit. To quote Rami Ismail, the other half of Vlambeer, “randomness of Super Crate Box, the customizability of Luftrausers, the hidden-in-the-background story in Ridiculous Fishing, and it even has a bit of Yeti Hunter and GUN GODZ in there.”

Kitty Calis also works in the industry as a producer over at Guerilla, and has done marketing and PR for other games such as Rage Squid’s Action Henk! In general Kitty and JW are some of my favorite people to talk to at shows. They are both humble, down to earth and easy to talk to. Both have distinct taste in games and also share the same passion for play that I have. Games for them are about having fun and enjoying a space/interaction with another human being.

1Bounden-onthestreetWhich is no surprise that after JW’s game TENNES, a minimal tennis game about his own childhood experience of playing tennis, that Kitty decides that they need to do it better with HOKY. HOKY a game about hockey, which they know little about. What makes both HOKY and TENNES fascinating is the minimal style and immense feedback that the game provides. We talk a bit about game feel, and how JW has a knack for it. He calls game development a mess and that all good designers just sweep that mess under a rug, but I think that’s him just being modest.

For now, with the release of Nuclear Throne, for $11.99 on several store fronts, the plan is to relax for a bit before moving on. This was the largest game JW and Rami ever built and I think a vacation is in order.