Darkest Dungeon, Our Most Anticipated Game Hits Early Access


Red Hook Studios launched Darkest Dungeon today on Steam’s Early Access. Now you can burn through ill-fated heroes like a box of tissues during a Nicholas Sparks movie to! In other words you can find out why Darkest Dungeon was our Most Anticipated Game from our end of the year deliberations. 

Darkest Dungeon won our Golden Sushi award at PAX East 2014. Then at the end of the year we selected it as our Most Anticipated Game of 2014. I’ve had a few days with it and finally able to see how the game operates in its entirety and not just the small woe-begotten dungeon crawls we were exposed to at conventions.


What I have played so far has been great. It works hard to break a player from preconceived notions on how we cherish our party. Woe be to those who hold any affection for your squad, as death will come and come quickly. In practice the game, on one level, reminds me of the classic game Cannon Fodder. Cannon Fodder touted a similar mechanic of burning through new recruits whose lifespan could be measured in single missions. If and when you get a character that survives they instantly become legend. Add in a wonderful art style, nice RPG trappings that will make any tabletop roleplayer ‘squee’ in delight and BAM we got ourselves a great new experience.

Hopefully people won’t burn themselves out as one wont to do with Early Access games. But since with its randomized and procedural nature, people could foreseeable chew on this for some time before it becoming old hat. Also the game actively hates your success…. That’s not true, just feels true.

We haven’t had them on the show in earnest yet, which will be rectified in time. Until then check the game out for yourself and see what the hype is all about. Oh and watch this to get excited.