Connect the Dots with TRI


Up is down and down is up in Rat King Entertainment’s latest creation TRI. This puzzle exploration game will push your cognitive abilities to the limit with its mind bending world and three dimensional puzzle towers. If you’ve ever played Portal and love puzzle games then TRI is the perfect game for your library.

The story begins with a fox who is seeking freedom and with it the destruction of all you know. It’s up to you to collect the sealing statues and confine the fox within it’s prison but thats just the beginning. With the use of three points you must traverse insane tunnels and topple ungodly heights searching for these sealing statues. When you place each point perfectly they solidify into the perfect shape, a triangle. Using these triangles in every conceivable manner is your only hope in keeping the evil fox at bay and solving the mystery of TRI.

 Three is the magic number for Jana Reinhardt and Friedrich Hanisch who started Rat King Entertainment in 2011 after meeting at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle. “We were in the same class, so we just couldn’t avoid to meet,” reminisced Jana. While attending University the devilish duo developed several projects where they fleshed out game mechanics and artistic style in search of a taste all their own. “Unfortunately we never did a full game there! The ‘games’ we made were semi-functional prototypes, mostly showcasing the art style,” said Jana. With projects like “Omerta – Silence is Gold” and “Head Over Heels” it’s easy to see where these two came up with the fantastic design found in TRI.


Friedrich’s brother, Ludwig Hanisch, stepped in to provide the team with an outstanding soundtrack completing the trinity for TRI. With subtle base lines and an entrancing rhythmic section it perfectly accompanies the triangle madness found in Rat King Entertainment’s latest game.

Of all the shapes they could choose for TRI it was somewhat puzzling as to why Jana and Friedrich chose thin triangles in this lush three dimensional world. “Our triangles might not be very thick, but they’re still three-dimensional! And they have three corners. Three! And everything you see in 3D games is made of triangles.” explained Jana. After playing the demo I completely understood their rationality as I started layering triangles onto triangles onto triangles all in a world made of triangles. It really opened up the third dimension in my mind.


Jana also explained that the story behind TRI had dramatically shifted during development, “We had crazy professors, insane alchemists, mysterious tomb raiders … One day we concluded that we should minimize the story, and decided to do some kind of fable thing, you know, the stories with animals and a morale at the end.” And minimizing was the perfect choice for TRI as it grants you all the time in the world to explore the lush and ever changing environment found in each level. Sure there’s a fox that needs to be sealed away but there is also a small alcove about 75 feet up the side of that building which needs to be explored.

“We are passionate about games and discuss them all the time. It would have been strange if we had done something else than starting our own game development company,” said Jana. But thats not all this duo dedicate their time to. Between contract work, sewing, board games, and organizing the Global Game Jam for Leipzig its amazing how they find time to make an outstanding game like TRI.

Don your best explorer’s cap and check out all the latest news on TRI’s development at their website. Also give them a thumbs up over at Steam Greenlight!