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Shape of the World Header

Stu Maxwell

Stu Maxwell, a VFX artist by day world builder by night, comes on the podcast to discuss his game Shape of the World which is up on Kickstarter now.

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Digestive Tract

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Itchio Header

Leaf Corcoran

Leaf Corcoran is the individual behind the wonderfully eclectic indie game distribution platform He joins us on the podcast to talk all about it.

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Environmental Station Alpha

Arvi Teikari

Environmental Station Alpha developer Arvi Teikari jumps on the podcast to talk about non-linear exploration games AKA 'Metroidvania.'

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Catt Small

Catt Small

NYC Developer Catt Smalls joins John to discuss UX, playtests, and Sonic! Want to know why UX matters? Listen to this podcast.

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